Partners Needed by O2NAILS

O2NAILS Partner Program meets the cooperation needs of various partners, providing them with resources and support such as training, after-sales service,
marketing and sales support and rewards and ensuring that they work with us to achieve customer values.

O2NAILS will uphold the concept of openness and cooperation for win-win,ake business cooperation as the core,
take technical cooperation and talent cultivation as a support and create technical and fashionable nail ecology.

Welcome to join O2NAILS Partner Program.

Contact Us:

Guangzhou Taiji Electronic Co., Ltd.,

Hotline: +86(020)38732006 (Call Center)


Add: E1, 25F, China Everbright Bank Building, No.689, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City

Welcome Marketing Cooperation


O2NAILS welcomes the marketing cooperation including brand activity, media, contents, etc. Please follow our public account:
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