Partners Needed by O2NAILS

O2NAILS Partner Program meets the cooperation needs of various partners, providing them with resources and support such as training, after-sales service,
marketing and sales support and rewards and ensuring that they work with us to achieve customer values.

O2NAILS will uphold the concept of openness and cooperation for win-win,ake business cooperation as the core,
take technical cooperation and talent cultivation as a support and create technical and fashionable nail ecology.

Welcome to join O2NAILS Partner Program.

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Guangzhou Taiji Electronic Co., Ltd.,

Hotline: +86(020)38732006 (Call Center)


Add: E1, 25F, Everbright Bank Building, No.689, Tianhe North Road, Guangzhou,China

Welcome Marketing Cooperation


O2NAILS welcomes the marketing cooperation including brand activity, media, contents, etc. Please follow our public account:
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