Selfie TV CES 2017:The Most Hi-Tech Nail Printer Ever!

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30-second colorful painting, special design for nail

O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11

Painting on natural nail and artificial nail

Any patternAny colorAny material


Mobile phone control, finish nail painting with one key

Connect with mobile phone via WIFI transmitted from the device, transmit painting styles, operate it easily with mobile phone, and finish painting with one key.

Release the inspiration of nail technician, make creativity available anytime

Mobile phone pictures, network pictures or pictures created with design software can be painted. Thus, creativity can be fully performed.

Man-machine combination for speed acceleration, completing painting within 30 seconds

Basic manicure combines with nail printer, 30-second fast printing, saving 70% time.

Weekly new style support your operation

O2NAILS Mobile Nail Printer V11 is operated via client APP. APP has been logged in Apple and Android system,
providing numerous fashion patterns, uploading the latest nail styles per week and supporting the style operation of nail shops.

Color ink printing

One cartridge can paint on 700-800 nails, which saves the ink with a high yield

The painting durability is determined by production process and materials

The durability is determined by production links and materials. Operation can be adjusted according to the demand. Normally, the retention period is more than 1 month.

1.6KG, light weight and
powerful functions

The product is just has the same size as a bag,
and it is easy to move, saves space and has powerful functions.

Equipment investment

complete device and supplies, no installation, readily use

Packing list includes: Power adapter, single nail tip holder, ink cartridge, top seal gel, nail mask, print gel,
base color gel, base gel, shape gel, nail cleaner pad and gel remover pad.

Printing cost, less than 15 cents per nail

The original consumables have been repeatedly tested. The effect will be better if they are used. There are risks if they are replaced.

To be a nail art master within 3 hours

Offer free training after product purchase. O2NAILS headquarters and branches have training points.

Consumables can be purchased easily with multiple channels

We have more than 80 distribution service points in the world and Amazon and other e-commerce platforms.
The consumables (ink cartridges and gel) can be ordered online and offline, and they can be delivered quickly.

15 years of experience in creating international products

We have been engaged in R&D of nail printers for 15 years.
From design, utility model to technology, we possess 27 patented technologies and ISO9001 certified factory covering more than 6,000 square meters.
We create international products with the spirit of the craftsman.